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Message:Enough is enough already once again! The displays that you are featuring at the local mall are concerning! Ms. Turney stated two years ago that Victorias Secret was going to return to its heritage of more modesty and feminity. Nationally noted author and speaker Dr. Judith Reisman stated it well recently as she was writing regarding such matters: "Any PUBLIC display of PRIVATE erotic behavior endangers the life, health and welfare of the person displaying as well as the life, health and welfare of the set or group that person represents (commonly women). This is both historically and cross culturally established -- and it is common sense." I had hoped that VS was backing away from such hard, erotic imagery. Such images only diminish my view of Victorias Secret. I will not shop any company that uses pornography to market its wares - even if it is lingerie. VS can do better. Until you do, I will shop elsewhere. Sincerely,

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