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Many companies today speak about corporate responsibility.   And you do have a responsibility to families like mine and the millions of others who support you with our patronage.  Yet as you sponsor programs such as the demonic “666 Park Avenue,” empowering a show described as “gruesome, seductive, and evil” you are demonstrating to me and millions of other consumers that you are a company not worthy of my support. 

Why would you want your company name identified with a show that glorifies evil?  Think of the impact these themes have upon impressionable hearts and minds and upon our culture at large.  You have a choice, obviously, in where you place your ads.  I, too, have a choice in where I do business.  I urge you to withdraw all advertising from “666 Park Avenue” and instead align your advertising with what edifies and builds up our families and society.

 I look forward to your response.

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