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I never thought I would see the day when corporate America would sponsor shows degrading and undermining standards that  this country  has held for so many generations with television programming degrading Biblical marriage.

Don’t insult me with a response letter communicating that you sponsor a time frame not any particular program.   

Your advertisement appeared during  “Sister Wives.”  You know that it is degrading, offensive and controversial.  

As you advertise on this show and then advertise on it again, you are sending the message to Americans like me that we should look the other way and tolerate its immorality, sexual perversion and aberrant behaviors.  

I will not look the other way.  Instead, I will watch as our nation that God has blessed for so many generations slowly but surely diminishes in its prosperity, morality and economic viability. 

God blesses nations that bless Him.  He curses those who curse Him.   You are contributing to the degradation we have experienced.   I seek out those companies that avoid such degrading programs.  I avoid those who contribute to our societal demise.       

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