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Message:It is encouraging to see that you are taking steps to shield shoppers from unwanted images and themes that run counter to time-honored standards of human decency. I appreciate the blinders that you are using to block the offensive Cosmopolitan. I encourage you to continue and to expand this shielding to other similar magazines that also use offensive images and verbiage thereby invading our moral sensibilities at the checkout counter which should be a safe haven for children and families and anyone who unsuspectingly has pornography/indecency foisted upon them. When shopping, it is annoying and discouraging to be confronted with erotic images and magazine headings proclaiming sexual themes and innuendo that are repulsive and counter-productive to the values that I have been raised with and am trying to pass on to those who come after me: faithfulness, modesty, purity, wholesomeness. I applaud the positive steps you have taken to make Meijer a family-friendly place to shop.

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