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Message:I appreciate the fair and balanced reporting of Fox News. I am thankful for a place to turn for news that gives more than one viewpoint. However, I am greatly troubled by your use of over-the-top erotic imagery when reporting on the sexualized cultural and entertainment issues of our day. Most recently on the OReilly Factor, during a segment regarding the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Fox News took the opportunity to stream erotic images from the magazine across the screen. This is common practice whenever Fox News discusses such issues – Paris Hilton sexualized ads, Abercrombie & Fitch displays, and numerous other examples of illicit imagery. Fox News is a source I trust for news, but I do not appreciate this type of eroticism flowing into my home. It is this very material you report on that is contributing to a coarsening of our society and your display of that same eroticism is neither necessary nor helpful to millions of your viewers who desire to shield themselves and their families from unwanted sexualized imagery. I urge you to refrain from such displays and I look forward to your response to my concern.

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