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Your company has repeatedly empowered Christian bigotry with your sponsorship of ABC’s “GCB,” a show that openly ridicules the Christian faith.  From the highly derogatory reference to women in the title, to the show’s lewd sexual innuendo, and the twisted use of sacred scripture - “GCB” is an offense to millions of people of faith.  

Do you really want your company name associated with a show that offends millions of potential customers?  As a consumer, I support companies that are not actively working to oppose the values I strive to live out and instill in my family.   

Many of your competitors have chosen not to associate their corporate name with a show that defames Christianity. That speaks volumes to me.  As long as you continue to sponsor a show that mocks my faith, I, in good conscience, cannot do business with your company.   I will also encourage my family and friends to do the same. 

Please let me know if “GCB” is a show you will continue to support.  I look forward to your response.

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