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Dear Ms. Upton:

I’m writing to you as if you were my sister or daughter.  I’m greatly troubled by the ways you have recently chosen to sell your body to advertise products – such as the highly erotic Hardee’s/Carl Jr. ad and now the crude Zoo York ad.

While you are just 19 years old and the fame, fortune, and attention coming your way must be very mesmerizing, please think about the degradation you are causing, not only for yourself, but for other young women.    As you display your body to be leered at by men, you send a message to girls and young women that they must degrade themselves to gain approval – that their worth is dependent upon perfectly proportioned body parts.  As a public figure, you will be an influence upon other young girls – either teaching them self-respect and dignity or teaching them to demean and objectify themselves with inappropriate, erotic displays.

You are of value – not because of your body – but because you, as do all people, have intrinsic dignity and worth as children of God.  Don’t fall for the lie that such sexualized displays have no consequences – they bring harm to others and ultimately to yourself.

Please reconsider the path you are currently on and chose instead to use your influence to set an example of good for others and for the benefit of our culture.

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