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As a consumer, I support companies that are not actively working to oppose my value system.   The programs a company chooses to advertise on speaks volumes as to whether or not I choose to buy that product or patronize that business.  And so, as a potential customer, I am contacting you to let you know how troubled I am by your sponsorship of the CBS show 2 Broke Girls

It seems completely incongruous for a company that cares about being a good corporate citizen to turn around and sponsor a program that regularly pollutes hearts and minds – a show filled with raunchy dialog and crude sexual references, promoting illicit sexuality and demeaning both women and men. 

And now 2 Broke Girls has now sunk even lower, using children - two 13–year-old Orthodox Jewish boys - to spout, sexual, obscene dialogue.

Please remember that as your advertising dollars support the debased ideas portrayed on such shows, you are damaging the families who have supported your company.  I urge you to pull support from this program and use your corporate influence in ways that build up, not tear down, our society. 

I look forward to your response.

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