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I’m disgusted with the interview that you did with the cleavage-bearing teenager that you interviewed regarding the unleashing of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on Valentine’s Day.

What you have done here is promote the partial nudity and sexualization of a young person as glorious when in fact it is a slippery slope to further eroticization leading to further degradation, addiction and dysfunction.

In addition, your interview promotes a magazine that is nothing about women’s sports, but all about the objectification of women and girls.

Take a moment and really think about what this magazine is about and the views and thought patterns it establishes within our culture.  It teaches young boys and men to objectify women – to see them as sex objects to be viewed and used for their pleasure.  This pattern of thinking has permeated our culture to such a degree we can easily overlook it and accept it as normal. 

And what about girls and women?  What do the likes of SI Swimsuit teach them?  It sends the message that their worth is dependent upon their sex appeal.  That to gain acceptance they must degrade themselves.

I did not appreciate this unfortunate interview.   I wanted you to know.

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