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As most advertisers are realizing, the Super Bowl is a family event, enjoyed by men and women of all ages.  And as a result, the majority of corporations airing ads during this event chose to run spots that are clearly designed to appeal to a broad audience and not to offend.  These advertisers relied on actual creativity instead of stooping to crude, degrading sexual imagery to promote their products.

Unfortunately, your corporation is not one of them.  Instead, you chose to use eroticism in a tasteless and vulgar display.

There are many others like me who don’t appreciate companies that promote illicit sex.  Many of your competitors chose not to advertise during the Super Bowl this way.  That speaks volumes to me. I urge you to stop using your advertising dollars in ways that degrade women and are destructive to our families and society.

The Super Bowl is a family event.  Neither my family nor millions of others should be subjected to unwanted sexualized images and themes as we watch it together.  Other advertisers seem to have gotten that message.  Until you do the same, I will not do business with your corporation.

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