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Message:As one company out of many that provide similar services, I am sure you are interested in the opinions of the consumer on such issues as advertising. The shows on which you choose to air your advertisements are an obvious indication of where the money that I invest in your company through my purchases is being spent. If that money is used to support morally reprehensible programming, it is my responsibility, as a matter of principle, to find an alternative to your company with a more sensitive social conscience. Therefore, I hope that you will carefully consider my recommendation to pull your advertisements from the FOX Network show, American Dad which airs in the 9:30 time slot on Sunday nights. A quick survey of just one episode of this program will confirm that the values expressed in this program are diametrically opposed to the values held by the majority of your customers. The antics, propaganda, and innuendos in each episode degrade the morals that hold our families together and that many of us still hold. Therefore, as a sponsor of American Dad, you are, in effect, contributing to the breakdown of American families. As I am sure that this is not your intent, I hope that you will pull your support from this show and be more aware of the ideas and activity that you promote with your advertising dollars.

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