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Message: We believe that all persons have been created in the image of God and should be accorded human dignity. We believe therefore that hateful, fearful, unconcerned harassment of persons with a homosexual orientation should be repudiated. We believe that respect for persons with a homosexual orientation involves honest, reasoned, nonviolent sharing of facts concerning the immorality and liability of homosexual behavior. On the other hand, endorsing behavior which the Bible disapproves endangers persons and dishonors God. We believe that those who are decision makers in public schools should realize that there are those with agendas who would try to use the rarity of bullying to press indoctrination upon a greater public. The showing of this video would be one of those examples. We therefore are strongly against its inclusion into the curriculum of any school. Is this not reverse bullying? We think it is. We urge you to recognize the implications of this serious decision.

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