A happy moment to share with you!
Author: Bill Johnson  


Celebrating our 47th anniversary today! 

I thought to myself, is this too much “about me” to share with you?

I hope it won’t be perceived as “about me,” because it isn’t meant that way! But, I just wanted to share a happy moment – a celebration of God’s gift – a Christian marriage!

After all, Jan and I - may just be getting started.  The couple across the aisle from me at church yesterday are going on their 68th.   Now, that is not just getting started!

But, 47 years is a pretty good start, don’t you think?

The half has not been told of God’s amazing grace. I could write a book but will probably never get to it. Still the memories are in my heart. 

At any rate, I see the hand of God in our marriage all the way through.  

Would we have made it here without Him?   No way!



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