Battle of the Kingdoms
Author: Steve Huston  

I remember Sunday evenings as a child, wondering if dad and mom would stop talking after church in time for us to get home and watch “The Wonderful World of Disney.” The fireworks colorfully exploding around the Disney castle was a call to enjoyment and entertainment that took place weekly, instead of the once a year “oohs” and “aahs” that July fourth would bring.  Sometimes a cartoon, other times an animal documentary, and still other times a movie designed to make one laugh or cry, but always entertaining and believed by all to be family friendly.

It was like a weekly family reunion; every Sunday “Uncle” Walt would stop by for an hour and regale us with his stories of Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone, or some other historical figure. Sometimes he’d make up stories about cars with a mind of their own, animals that would seem human, or stories of fantasy, mystery, and intrigue.  Yes, everyone loved “Uncle” Walt and couldn’t wait for him to entertain us. 

There’s no doubt that the magical kingdom has captured many hearts and minds throughout the years. I specifically chose the word “captured” instead of “captivated” because there was a war raging for our hearts and minds and most didn’t even recognize it.

Who knew, other than Don Wildmon of AFA, that “Uncle” Walt wasn’t really our friend and that his kingdom was really attacking our family instead of helping?  Who would’ve thought that “Uncle” Walt’s magical kingdom was an affront to and an enemy to the Majestic Kingdom of Jesus Christ?  The battle raged and rages on for our affection with every minute of mind-altering entertainment.  One thing’s for sure though, so many have been taken in by Disney and its fun, that speaking truth about the magical kingdom and asking people to not trust them is like attacking a sacred cow—should I say “sacred mouse”?—or  a well-loved “Uncle.”

The magical kingdom - through all of their entities including ABC television - has attacked the Majestic Kingdom and the family, its most basic building block.  Through subterfuge, they make parents and those in authority seem foolish and inept, as they promote an LGBT agenda, occultism, evolution, and various other sins. As the attack mounted against us, they convinced us to laugh at these sins, acclimating our thinking and society to them, and even bringing us to an apathetic acceptance of those very sins which destroy the family and would have us depose Jesus as Lord and King

The magical kingdom has attacked the Majestic Kingdom through the making of alliances with those forces who stand in direct opposition to it and its King, Jesus.  They’ve aligned themselves through the promotion/allowance of “gay day” at their parks, the use of both overt and obscure LGBT characters in television and featured films, and hiring of occult rock bands to produce music for them. The AFA Journal reported in 1997 that “The group’s (Danzig) music video It’s Coming Down has been banned because of scenes of sadomasochism, masturbation, urination and genital mutilation. Even the pornographic Playboy Channel cable network will not air the work of the group that Disney produces. ‘Just think about that for a minute. Playboy, one of the largest pornographers in the world, won’t air Danzig’s video, yet Disney, which bills itself as the world’s largest provider of family entertainment, sees fit to promote Danzig’s music. It just doesn’t make sense,’ said Wildmon.”

The magical kingdom has also made direct attacks on the Majestic Kingdom by continually pushing the decency boundaries in film and television, attacking the character and maligning the name of Christ and His followers. Let me share just a couple examples.  In 1998, amidst the Disney boycott, “Disney CEO Eisner likens Southern Baptists to Hitler,” the AFA Journal headlined. And just recently ESPN (owned by Disney) fired Christian sports reporter Curt Schilling for speaking out against the transgender bathroom issue, on his own time and on his own social media account. Apparently the magical kingdom likes to attack the first amendment too.

The magical kingdom attacks absolute truth by entertaining us with stories thattransform our minds little by little. Their stories would have us believe that truth is relative, the Bible outdated, and morality a thing of the past.  Their agenda moves us to set our affection on earthly things ignoring the eternal consequences.  Paul, standing for the Majestic kingdom, calls us to “Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.” (Colossians 3:2) He warns us, “Don’t be conformed to the world.” Then he exhorts us, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Romans 12:2) Regardless of where our entertainment comes from, we must ask ourselves, “Does this fall in line with God’s precepts? Would Jesus approve of this?” (Then give Biblical rationale that falls within the whole counsel of God). Finally, ask, “Does this company support things which run contrary to God’s standards?

We can not belong to both kingdoms; they run contrary to one another.  The attacks from the magical kingdom are on various fronts.  Yet in many ways the church—the body of Christ—the Majestic Kingdom—appears to not take up her weaponry and fight back. Instead, even as the United States funds its enemies in the Middle East, so also those who claim to belong to the Majestic Kingdom are continually funding the magical kingdom’s attacks on themselves, as they purchase the films, books, toys, cable stations, attend their theme parks, and in many other, seemingly innocent ways.  To fund the “enemy” is to attack yourself, your family, and the Majestic Kingdom.

Make no mistake; Jesus will win the war.  The Lion of Judah WILL destroy the mouse of media. The question before us is about the battles, where we stand, and who we stand with.

The weapons of our warfare are spiritual, not earthly; let us use every means of grace available to us. We must stand for the absolute truth of Scripture and for the holiness of heart and life which is the pursuit of all true Christians. However, we should be using our earthly possessions – including our entertainment choices - to make an eternal impact as well. In taking a bold stand for what is right, others will see it as an attack. As one lives a life loving holiness, he will be accused of hate.  J.C. Ryle writes, “A true Christian is one who has not only peace of conscience, but war within. He may be known by his warfare as well as by his peace.” Let us be at war with the world and at peace with Christ. It’s a matter of perspective, it’s a matter of choice.  To which kingdom do you belong? Now go and live for it.

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