Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema Speaks at ADA

Motivational Speaker Pam Stenzel speaks at ADA

Bill Johnson Interviews Dutch Resistance Member
and World War 2 hero Diet Eman

World War 2 hero Diet Eman
speaks at American Decency in Fremont, MI

Attorney Jeff Johnson explains the implications of
the Supreme Court's ruling on Homosexual Marriage

Gary Bauer gives a talk on the political climate of America
today and why there is hope for the future

Glenn Beck: Syria As The Lynchpin
of the Middle East with Patrick Poole & Frank Gaffney

Mark Driscoll - The Porn Path

Breitbart.com's Joe Pollack interviews
Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders

Amani Mustafa talks about escaping Shariah law

Is Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Aiding and Abetting the Enemy?

Bill Johnson Sits Down with Kamal Saleem

Diet Eman at ADA

Walid Shoebat talks about "Islamophobia"

Kamal Saleem and Diet Eman in Holland

Diet Eman in Holland

Kamal Saleem in Grand Rapids

Frank Gaffney's Presentation on
Political Islam

Professor William Wagner's Presentation on
Shariah and the American Constitution

Frank Gaffney Q&A Session

William Wagner Q&A Session

Frank Gaffney discusses Grover Norquist's
connections to the Muslim Brotherhood

One Nation Under God

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